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I am able to take a photo of my worksheet.  Then ClaroSpeak will read my worksheet to me.  Sometimes it has a hard time with certain words and certain fonts but for the most part it works really good.

It also will allow me to do text to speech so that I can fill out the worksheet as I go.  The worksheet will not print out like everyone else but I am able to get my work done and turn into the teacher.

Available: iOS, Android, Chromebook, Windows 10

Price: Free / ClaroSpeak Plus $6.99

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Claro also provides the following apps:

ClaroPDF - work on PDF documents

ClaroScanpen - Read document to you

ClaroCom - Replace speech for those with voice impairments

Claro MAGX - turns your device into a powerful high definition visual magnifier

Claro MAGVR - Virtual Reality for 3D high definition visual magnifier

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Voice Dream Reader

Voice dream does two things for me.  When this app is downloaded and I have to go to a website that can't read to me I am able to download the website to Voice Dream and it can read the article to me.

I also use it with Bookshare (I will talk more about this next).  I can download my books from Bookshare and it will read it to me.  This is very helpful for book reports or test I might have on books I have read.

Available: iOS, Android

Price: $14.99/iOS  $9.99/Android

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My teacher signed me up for Bookshare.  It is free to students with disabilities.  On their website you can sign up as an individual or check with your school to see if they already have an account.

Bookshare removes reading barriers with ebooks in audio, braille, large font and more.

Price: Free for students with disabilities

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Google Read&Write

Read&Write provides support tools for the web and common files types accessed through Google.

In my school district with your school email address Read&Write is already set up for us when we are logged in.  Check with your school district to see if you already have this for free.

Available:  iOS, Android, Windows 10, Tablets

Price: Depends, you will need to read

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Speechify - Text to Audiobook

Speechify is an app that turns text into audio files and stores them in a digital library.  Kids can send web articles to the app, scan a book or handout.

Available: iOS

Price: Free (Premium cost $)

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Grammarly Keyboard

Sometimes it is hard for kids with writing issues to catch mistakes in their work.  Grammarly Keyboard can help.  The keyboard works in place of any standard iOS or Android keyboard.  While kids are typing, Grammarly checks for mistakes in spelling, grammar and punctuation.

Available: iOS, Andriod, Windows, Tablets, Chromebooks

Price: Free / Upgrades $

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 Ever hate typing because you are afraid it will be wrong.  Well Ginger helps with that.  It makes sure everything you write is mistake-free on Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, MS-Office and everywhere you write.
Available: iOS, Andriod, Mac, Windows, Safari, Chrome
Price: Free / Upgrades $
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Microsoft OneNote

Do you get lost in what you are doing?  Are you unorganized like me? Do you forget your notes at school sometimes?  Then Microsoft OneNote is for you.  You can organize you work in sections and pages.  You can even share and collaborate.

Available: iOS, Android, Windows

Price: Free/Upgrades $

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Snap and Read


Have your text read aloud for better comprehension, screenshot reader, difficult words will be simplified, translate if needed.

Available: Chrome

Price: $ 

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Online Education Help


Microsoft offers many options for students to make school work more fun.  Students and Teachers can get a complete version of the latest Office 365 Education for free to use for as long as they're students. (Word, Excel, Power Point, One Note and Microsoft Teams).  To get started all you need is a valid school email address.

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