Additional Information

I have found a lot of tools that help me during school and sometimes just at home.  You can purchase them at a lot of places but I will show you what they are below.

Weighted blanket

I started using a weighted blanket 6 months ago.  This has changed my sleeping patterns and my time for relaxing.  The pressure it puts on me helps me to relax to fall asleep, to turn my anxiety off or to just help me de-stress.

Reading Guide Highlighters

These highlighter strips help me keep place when I am reading.  I find it easier to use than a piece of paper and it helps to block distractions.

Ear Plugs

This is something I am trying harder to use.  Sometimes noise is so distracting to me or I am too sensitive to it.  These ear plugs cut the noise down but I can still hear when the teacher starts talking again. 


I use a headset with a microphone so that my chromebook can hear me better.  If I don't use it I have to repeat myself a lot to get the computer to hear me and then I get frustrated.  Plus I feel like a gamer when I use them and feel pretty cool.


I find I get my best work down when I can physically shut down the rest of the world.  At home I use a bubble, at school I can use a Tee Pee or work under a desk with 3 sides.  It really helps me work the best.


A balance ball chair can't always work at school but there are other seat options (look them up).  For me when I do my home school or work on projects my balance ball chair helps me get my wiggles out but I can still work.


I don't write well and my hands hurt when I do write.  These help me. 


I go through fazes on what works, what doesn't and what I get tired of.  If you look up classroom fidgets you will find items that help you but make sure it is okay with your teacher first.

Pop Bed Tent

I had been asking my mom for a tent for years but she thought I meant one of those kid tents to play in.  What I wanted was a way to close down the day literally.  Once I got my tent I was able to stay all night long in my bed without waking up.  Now I am in a loft that is enclosed.  I can shut of the day and start a new one each day.

Watches - Apple Watches

This is not for everyone and we still have problems with people at school understanding.  I have an Apple Watch 3.  My Mom puts my schedule on my watch and it reminds me through the day. It is the only way I can get through my day at school.  There is too much to remember and this takes that stress away from me so I can concentrate on other things.  My watch will say stuff like....5 minutes to lunch, go to this classroom now, today is a short day.  Or if plans change for the afternoon pick up my Mom can go in and change the schedule for that day to say...Dad is picking you up in 5 minutes.